Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good-bye track, hello pool!

I started looking into my options for how I can maintain my fitness while waiting for Mystery Leg Pain to heal. Have you heard of Aqua Jogging? I started looking up information about it and found testimony after testimony of how marathon runners have maintained their fitness level while working through an injury. The concept is not too strange, however the belt is! I ordered my AquaJogger belt through Amazon and it arrived in the mail yesterday. It came in a large cardboard box with lots of smiling geriatrics using it in the pool. Great! The belt also came with a workout guide with information on workouts and other equipment that might be useful (also manufactured by AquaJogger). There was also a DVD included that demonstrates some of the exercises. Here is what it looks like (on my lawn): IMG_6252 The fit: I ordered the women’s version, however now I am wondering if I was mistakenly sent the men’s style. I tossed the packaging already so I guess I can’t check. The elastic belt naturally gravitates to the small of my waist; I think it rides up too high. It’s not necessarily uncomfortable, but I wonder if from behind if I look like I am wearing a life preserver in the pool. Here is where it all went down: IMG_6254 What it was like: First off, I should mention that I don’t really enjoy swimming. I think this is because I am not an especially strong swimmer and I have never gotten over the fear of getting water in my nose. (Ugh, too many bad experiences as a child either getting dunked or thrown in the pool and having burning chlorine rushing into my nose!) Thankfully the belt kept my head well above water so my normal hesitations about jumping into the pool weren’t there. It took a little while to get a rhythm down and it was hard to concentrate on running form instead of trying to get from point A to point B. The belt was fine and soon I forgot it was even there. I ended up “running” for about 40 minutes. On all of the websites I looked at, they all mentioned that when water running; your heart rate will be lower than it is on land. I definitely experienced this. Also it was very strange to be breathing heavily with running motions and for my whole torso to be cool, but for my head to be hot. The verdict? Too soon to tell. I am fine with how today went and am looking forward to trying it out again on Thursday. Come next month, we will see if the proof is indeed in the pudding.


  1. Have you tried noseclips? I'm a swimmer and can't do it without my noseclips! It makes it so much more enjoyable.

  2. @Lisa Eirene Haha, no I have not tried a nose clip... well since I was a kid. I guess there is no way to look cool at the pool.